Five Top Ways Yoga Can Help with Pain #in

  Here’s how:

1. Safe, Supported, Conscious Movement: Using bolsters, blocks, neck rolls, eye pillows to make ourselves as comfortable as possible, we’re able to move safely and mindfully, helping to nourish and cleanse the body and ease stiffness.

2. Deep Relaxation, or Yoga Nidra: The “Relaxation Response” allowed by this practice can free the body’s healing power, restoring, renewing, relaxing, rebuilding, cleansing. We can often let go at least of the edges of the pain, and sometimes more.

3. Meditation/Making Peace with the Moment: Not easy when we’re in pain. Not easy even when we’re not in pain. But finding peace, contentment, gratitude, stillness and full awareness in the moment — a mainstay of meditation — makes space for the pain and can allow for the release of unnecessary attachments, worries, fears, anger, resentments.

4. The Breath — It has such power, and through yoga, we learn how to use it to lift us up, calm us down, and reach deeply into closed-off areas or pain with a compassionate light that, like sunshine on ice, can begin to melt away layers of strain and suffering.

5. A Caring Community — Too often, pain is isolating, cutting us off from support when we really need it. When we gather with others seeking to ease their suffering through yoga, we become part of a sangha that can be a constant source of inspiration, information and understanding. Even if you’re homebound, wheelchair bound, a #caregiver or not close to a good yoga spot, there are CDs, books, internet groups,  youTube restorative classes and guided visualizations, Twitter and Facebook communities going 24/7 out there, in your reach.



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