Looking For Safe Yoga for Arthritis, Chronic Pain?

For those living with medical challenges, safe yoga is absolutely key, but it can be hard to find. In the NY area, where I live, hospitals, clinics and senior centers as well as yoga studios are often resources for excellent therapeutically-oriented, experienced teachers. But for many other areas of the country (and the globe), more and more well-trained teachers are joining the ranks every day.

Below are links to help you find knowledgeable teachers who might be near you. I’ve also included links to my ongoing Yoga for Arthritis and Chronic Pain workshops coming up (starting this Sun.!) at Integral Yoga Institute in New York.

Let me know how your search goes.

   Here are three great resources  where you can search for teachers who might be near you.




On the left is a flyer for my workshop this Sunday, Feb. 26. If you click on the flyer itself, you will be able to get info not only for this workshop but, scrolling down, for the three-week drop-in series in March. 

A few more suggestions for finding safe yoga:

— Your nurse or nurse practitioner might be helpful, although doctors themselves are getting on board as well. The community outreach or public education departments of hospitals and medical clinics are also worth checking.

— Look for yoga studios/teachers offering “restorative” or “therapeutic” yoga.

— Check a teacher’s credentials, but also honor yourself by making sure you are with a teacher or  in a class where you feel your safety and well-being are Priority No. 1.
















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