Bed Yoga for Chronic Pain #fb #in

(No, not that kind of bed yoga, but keep reading … ) Bed yoga always gets such a welcome in my therapeutic yoga classes and workskhops. When you come to yoga for pain and discover that benefit is to be had — in spades — from arranging pillows and blankets and bolsters and neck rolls all around and propping our knees, maybe even resting them to one side in a supported twist, it can be transforming. One student this week called it a relief.

Whether we’re waking from pain in the middle of the night or as the alarm goes off, when we are able to use the support of our own beds to gently and safely move — and deepen our breath and compassion for ourselves — we are infusing healing energy and stimulation throughout all the layers of our being.
When we also come to know that we can choose to practice gratitude, mindfulness, Tonglen, meditation and deep relaxation in the context of a welcoming community of like-minded people doing much the same (the usually very cool, smart, creative and kind people who enjoy therapeutic, #restorative yoga), then we have found our way to supporting our own healing power and, often,  lessening our own pain.



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