Serving Elders with Yoga #in #fb

Really looking forward to being with the Bronx Regional Interagency Council on Aging tomorrow. They’re on the front lines of elder care — a real battlefront always, but particularly fraught these days — and we’ll be doing some de-stressing, some #Tonglen (gratitude to Pema Chodron), some deep relaxing. And we’ll also be talking about bringing more evidence-based wellness programming into elder services (where it belongs!!! I might add), specifically Yoga for Arthritis, which is training more and more registered yoga teachers to help people safely embrace these peaceful practices.

I applaud Julia Schwartz-Leper, a real visionary in the field and the head of this conference, for consistently providing the ground for the benefits of yoga to get out there to elders, one on one or through technology. A whole lot of elders in the Bronx meditate and know how to relax deeply because of her.

Conference 2012 flierFINAL

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  1. Bravo! Keep up the work and looking forward for such more blogs.

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