Yoga for #Lyme & #ChronicLyme — Top 5 Ways Yoga Can Help

1. #Yoga encourages us to meet ourselves where we are. If we are in pain, we are in pain. We bring ourselves compassion. We accept the fact of that pain. Ignoring it usually doesn’t make it go away anyway. We gently breathe in, bringing ourselves acceptance and compassion. We breathe out with an intention that we can let go of some of the edges of that pain, that holding, that guarding and protection.

2. #Restorative or #therapeutic yoga can guide us (with a good teacher) to find a way to support ourselves — pillows under the knees, an eye pillow, a well-placed bolster. It can feel so good … We sink deeply into the support and find ourselves giving up some of our protections, some of our edges.  We may find ourselves getting a bit more comfortable, mind and body.

3. Therapeutically oriented yoga can bring us into a perfect supported to simply to simply lay in, one that allows that tight neck to take a bit of a vacation or one that brings some relief to the lower back. Or we may find that a bit of supported movement will bring some warmth and ease. By the end of a good session, we have been able to move, with support, deep breaths and a certain amount of pleasure, all the muscles and limbs and joints we can move that particular day without pain. Blood is circulating. Inflammation may be easing. That shoulder may not be hurting as much.

4. If the day (or night) allows, we can find balance and stillness in Mountain Pose or Tree Pose, either standing or, if our bodies need the support, with a chair or against a wall. Warrior poses can ground us, mind and body, and deepen our connections to our strength and grace. Each pose, any pose or asana, can bring benefit when we know how to support ourselves and how to do them safely.

5. #Meditation and #DeepRelaxation, always part of an authentic yoga practice, bring us clarity and peace. The practices are shown in more and more studies to decrease pain and depressive symptoms, increase a sense of well-being in those struggling with disease and health challenges and enhance balance and resilience. Can’t knock those …

For those of you who have made it with me this far, here’s a bonus point. Yoga also provides #sangha — a community of support — whenever you need it,  if  and when you need it. It may be a teacher listening deeply or the reassuring din of others who share the often debilitating, confusing, painful challenges of living with Lyme. The sangha is there today, tomorrow, online, at a yoga studio, at a clinic or senior center or down the hall. It truly is a bonus.

Of course, for those of you who have found yoga to be an empowering resource for living with Lyme, you know these are not the only ways yoga can help.  Integral Yoga Institute in NYC is supporting my desire to offer a Yoga for Lyme workshop in Jan., and I’d love to hear your experiences, perhaps even share them with those who come, some of whom may be desperately seeking some peace and some hope.

Oms …

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