Deep Relaxation

The profound healing and restoration of body, mind and spirit takes place in the precious moments of deep relaxation or Yoga Nidra, the yogic sleep. Click on the arrow below to hear Nancy’s guided 15-minute seated deep relaxation, which included 5 minutes of silence and gentle reawakening. Click on the arrow below to hear Nancy’s seated deep relaxation – 10 minutes of guided relaxation with 5 minutes of silence and a guided reawakening.

A sampling of ‘The Yogic Sleep’

Take just a few minutes to get a taste of the profound peace and joy to be found in deep relaxation. Either seated or reclining, tense the body, the hands, feet, shoulders, legs, face. Inhale and tense some more, then exhale. Release. Roll the arms and legs and move or stetch to get comfortable, then be still.

Imagine warmth and light entering your toes and feet, relaxing them. Feel the warmth rising through the legs and let go. Feel the warmth in your hands, arms and shoulders. Let them go. Relax your back, chest, throat, jaw, cheeks, the entire face. Let them go. Take a great big breath, hold it, sigh it out. Notice the entire body, relaxed.

Watch the breath for a few moments. Then bring your focus to the mind. Watch the thoughts come and go. From a place of stillness, just observe the mind for a minute or two. This stillness, this peace, is always available to you. Rest in this peace and enjoy it for a few minutues.

Bring your focus back to the breath and gently deepen it. Invite some movement back into the body. Begin to move around and bring your focus back to your surroundings. Open your eyes and notice how you feel. Take a few deep breaths.

To seal in the benefits, in a seated position, take hold of one wrist behind your back or in front of your chest, bow forward slowly in this yogic seal called Yoga Mudra, then slowly return to a seated position.


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Track 1. . . Seated Relaxation
The CD included a 20-minute
reclining deep relaxation as well as
the seated yoga nidra.