About Nancy O’Brien

The journey

Nancy O’Brien, who credits therapeutic and restorative yoga with her ongoing recovery from serious illness, is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, a certified Integral Yoga Hatha I, Hatha II, and Restorative Yoga teacher and graduate of Therapeutic Yoga Training and Yoga4Arthritis. She is an advisor for the Arthritis Foundation on the Arthritis-Friendly Yoga video and trains certified yoga teachers in Yoga for Arthritis. She is helped Integral Yoga Institute in New York launch groundbreaking twice-weekly Yoga for Arthritis and Chronic Pain classes taught by Nancy and other Yoga for Arthritis trained, experienced teachers.

She is a presenter/speaker at the nation’s top-ranked Hospital for Special Surgery, and for New York’s Council for Senior Centers & Services. She is devoted to helping yoga become a sustainable of health care — both for individuals & institutions — through prevention and wellness programming for staff, groups, caregivers and individuals in senior centers, clinics, hospitals, organizations and yoga centers. She helped insititue the New York Integral Yoga Healthcare Roundtable to bring more yoga into healthcare.

The one-time editor on the New York Daily News Opinions Page is also a freelance writer/editor who has published in Yoga Journal’s magazine and online editions, the International Association for Yoga Therapists’ magazine Yoga Therapy Today, Huffington Post and the Daily News. The mother of two and grandmother of one, Nancy lives with her husband in New York City. (photo by Sally Morrow)

 Yoga experience

Bellevue Hospital

• World Trade Center Clinic, Ambulatory Care Pavilion
• Mind-Body Program (Medical Psychiatry clinic), Ambulatory Care Pavilion (ongoing)
• Department of Psychiatry’s Assertive Community Treatment program (ACT)
• Parkinson’s Support Group

Integral Yoga Institute

• Restorative Yoga
• Yoga for Arthritis and Chronic Pain classes (ongoing)
• Yoga for the Third Age (Elder Yoga) workshop
• Steering Committee Member, Gentle and Restorative Teachers Collaborative
• Hatha I

• Coordinator, Therapeutic Applications of Integral Yoga teacher training


Hospital for Special Surgery

• Meditation and Chronic Pain

• Therapeutic Yoga

• Webinars





NY Arthritis Foundation

• Mind-Body Approaches to Pain


NYC Council of Senior Centers and Services

• Stress workshops at annual conventions


For Senior Centers

• Yoga and meditation workshops (ongoing)
• Outcome-based health and wellness programming  Read more>

Stuyvesant Town – Peter Cooper Village

• Weekly chair yoga (ongoing)


Coler-Goldwater Rehab and Specialty Nursing Facility

• Chair yoga
• Sessions on the units, including at bedside and in the dayrooms